Info on Ship's Protecting Agent:

As Harbor Ships Service SAL, and as Protective Agent assigned by our principals, we undertake specific responsibilities and actions that have been expressed specifically by them. We serve as an advisor to our principals or act directly on our principal’s behalf in directing various elements of the port call, including the guidance to the vessel’s Master.

On behalf of principals, we monitor the performance of the assigned agent and the port call performance. By appointing us as a protective agent, we will:

  1. Check Performa D/A submitted by the agent for compliance with agreed rates.
  2. Attend Vessel on behalf of principal
  3. Receive owners’ funds and payment to agents.
  4. Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required.
  5. Report updates on ETA/ETB/ETC and daily cargo operations.
  6. Pre-check S.O.F. for correctness, before master’s signature
  7. Attend to Owner's matter as instructed and /or other urgent matters required by Master

Harbor Ships Service SAL is privileged to be appointed as Protective Agent in order to monitor port call operations with the Owner's interests in mind.