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“Harbor Ships Service SAL” is a Lebanese Shipping Agency based in Beirut with the scope to assist vessels and customers in managing the services required by them, in accordance with the port authority regulations in all Lebanese ports.

After many years of experience in the Shipping Market, our company can count on professional and well-trained staff to enable the day-to-day support of ship owners, ship managers, charterers, and traders.

National Coverage

Providing coverage over all Lebanese ports for all types of vessels.

On Time Delivery

Service pre-planning: timely and accurately coordinating all required services before vessel arrival, during her stay, and after her departure.

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One Point of Contact to Manage all Port Call Services

For the ship’s port call; from pre-arrival to ship’s departure, from document management to husbandry services, our company offers a first quality service with high standard of operation.

We at Harbor Ships Service SAL are committed to protect the interests of our customers and ensure their satisfaction.

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Expert Team Members

Samir El-Hage

General Manager

+961 3 699 330 Samir.El-Hage@harborlbservice.com
Antoine Abboud

Ships Agency Manager

+961 3 263 863 Antoine.Abboud@harborlbservice.com
Elias Moubarak

Operation Manager

+961 3 395 228 Elias.Moubarak@harborlbservice.com
Rony Hajj

Boarding Agent/officer

+961 76 935 154 Rony.Hajj@harborlbservice.com