Info on Full Port Agency:

We work closely with harbor masters, local authorities, and service providers to ensure that your interests are well taken care of to avoid any conflict of interest or delays that may arise with many stakeholders involved during the port call.

Our dedicated team provides outstanding communication and knowledge of ports, commodities, and compliance requirements for any Lebanese port, hence consistently making your port calls as efficient as possible:

  1. Communication and liaison with Harbor Master, Port, Tugs, and Customs prior to vessel arrival.
  2. Berthing information support.
  3. Meet and Greet services and attendance on vessel arrivals.
  4. Arranging the pilot and the support boats.
  5. Preparation of all documents for the customs and harbor services.
  6. Conveying instructions to and from the ship owner.
  7. Organizing the necessary contacts with the stevedores.
  8. Continuous updates on vessel operations to ship owners, charterers, and the receivers of the goods.

The following is a basic outline of what we will take care of you under a Full Agency Appointment:

  1. Acknowledge the appointment with accurate estimated port costs, relevant port and berth information and the vessel’s expected schedule.
  2. Fully inform the Master and Ship Operator about all requirements relating to Customs, Health Authority, Immigration Police, Harbour Master, Port and Terminal requirements.
  3. Advise and update relevant parties about vessels’ impending arrival, including Customs, Health Authority, Immigration Police, Harbour Master, Port Authorities, Terminals/Ports, and Shippers or Receivers.
  4. Prepare draft copies of cargo documents according to relevant party’s instruction and forward for checking prior to the vessel’s departure, to ensure no delays to the vessel.
  5. N.B.: Our standard of operation can be provided on demand.